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Corporate culture

Jiangsu  Chun   Ming Aluminum Hub Forging Co., Ltd. is located in Funing economicdevelopment zone of Jiangsu province  with a total investment of 150 million yuan.

Our company is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products with special  techniques and utility patent model, in  an effort to  minimize the production costs and improve   the competitiveness  of the company. Our main product is 6061 forging al-alloy wheel hub. The company`s spoke forging stocks cover all kinds of specificationsfor cars with  light weight,high quality,and reasonable price. Moreover,their shapes are suitable for the mainstream market in U.S,Japan,Europe,and South-East Asia.  Our own researched and developed integral al-alloy forging wheel hub applies to various kinds of racing and luxury vehicle.  In  addition,our company also manufactures forging spoke and ultra light two-piece aluminum wheel hub matching with spinning wheel rims,which are popular in the European and U.S market.

Jiangsu Chun   Ming Aluminum Hub Forging Co.,   Ltd. is technology and quality oriented. We value our  reputation,and are willing to cooperatewith domestic and international clients to create brilliance.
Our   operation philosophy is abiding by integrity,spreading the prosperity