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The advantages of forging aluminum alloy wheel

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The advantages of forging aluminum alloy wheel

1 light, forged aluminum wheels equivalent weight of only 1/2 steel hub.

2 save fuel, one hundred kilometers fuel test rate of at least 2 liters of oil province.

3 tire wear is reduced by 26%, each tire run 5-8 million kilometers.

Reduce the maintenance costs of the 4 brake.

5 improve the driving comfort, due to the characteristics of forged aluminum wheels, after the installation of driving feel good, high speed stably,thereby improving the driving pleasure.

6 high capacity, forged aluminum wheels the carrying capacity is 5 times that of ordinary steel hub.

7 good safety, thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy wheel is 3 times that of steel, iron.

8 according to Japan's impact test results of magnesium forging technology center, forged aluminum wheels only slightly damaged, and thedamage severity of steel wheel.

9 beautiful shape, the appearance of forged aluminum wheels set high degree of freedom, can be combined with the vehicle, do car, round one,with perfect.