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For the benefits of forging round

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For the benefits of forging round:

1: according to the test results, the fuel consumption (only the first two rounds is calculated.)

General iron hub forged aluminum wheels

Diesel price: 5.5RMB/L 5.5RMB/L

The average fuel consumption per kilometer: 24.7L 23.75L

1.358RMB 1.306RMB: the amount of fuel consumption per kilometer

The amount of fuel per kilometer: 0.052RMB

= a year can save 12480 yuan

2 tire life: the use of forged aluminum wheel tyres compared with general iron wheel's life can be extended more than 26% a year can save 3666 yuan = >

More than 3 loading: (average transportation cost 0.5 yuan to calculate /KG. thousand kilometers)

1) of forged aluminum wheels than general iron hub light 25KG = > a year increase of 18000 yuan shipping income

2) vacuum tire + forged aluminum wheels with tyres + iron wheel light about 52KG = > can increase income 37440 yuan a year

4 less repair: heat dissipation aluminum wheel is good, braking system can reduce annual repair costs about 5800 yuan

5: recycling aluminum wheel high value worth about 300 yuan, can be regarded as the purchase cost reduction